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100% made in TaiwanA-MTK Co., Ltd. established since year 2006. The company joined the evolution of IP surveillance since Full HD IP camera, 4K IP camera, P2P home IP cam, and now we are in the era of AI IP camera.
With strong hardware, software, mechanical engineer team, A-MTK 100% design and manufacture in Taiwan .

A-MTK owns in-house Deep Learning software team. The coverage including:

  • ANPR technology: Automatic Number Plate Recognition for car license plate
  • Car detection: Vehicle, Truck, Motorcycle detection and recognition
  • Person detection technology: Detect person only and apply for virtual fence requirement.
  • Person tracking: Define person’s ID and track it’s path and behavior.

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Our Products

AI Solutions

Cover parking lot and gateway control application


NVR, VMS, and IP Wizard™ utility to enable a large CCTV system for smart city

AI in Edge

With managed power consumption, A-MTK Edge AI IP cam is a reliable and secure embedded system to the market.

IP Surveillance

100% Taiwan-based manufacturer. With cyber security protection to protect privacy.

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