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AH21K7D PnP PIR IR Cube IP Cam (LAN)
Key Features: Your best choice of DIY home security. The internal speaker is for on-site warning ; the internal PIR detector is to detect intruder alarm. Support 9:16 view angle for gallery/ passage monitoring. Protect your house no matter where you are !
  1. H.264, and MJPEG encoder
  2. 1920x1080 Full HD resolution, max 30fps/ 25fps
  3. Event trigger action: Send to NAS, send to FTP, send to Email, Voice alert, save to mSD card, notify to HTTP/TCP servers, Push notify to A-MTK smart phone APP
  4. Plug and play available (AH21K7D, AH21K8D)
  5. Panotube smart phone apps