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Recording Image Size Average BPS (Kbps)
NTSC Version 30FPS 15FPS 5FPS 1FPS
5MegaPixel   10000 5000 1000
3MegaPixel 12000 6000 3000 600
1080P 8000 4000 2000 400
720P/1.3MegaPixel 4000 2000 1000 200
4CIF/D1 2000 1000 334 66.8
2CIF 1000 500 167 33.4
CIF 500 250 84 16.8


Note: The above Kbps is based on besed on best quality. If choosing "low bitrate", the Kbps will be lower.


Average BPS (Kbps) Sec. /Min Min./hour Hours/day Day/month Number of Video Total
Total (Gbyte) RAID 5



Procedure :
1 Select the "Average BPS" base on your requirment in Table A.
2 Entry the value in " Average BPS" in Table B
3 Entry the value in "Sec./Min","Min./hour","Hours/day","Day/month" and "Number of Video" in Table B.


NR2160 Up to 16 IP Cameras
NR2090 Up to 9 IP cameras.
Max total 80Mbps for NR2160
Max total 48Mbps for NR2090


  1. The frame rate of video transmitted from the device depends on connection bandwidth between client and server, video resolution, codec type, and quality setting of server. Here is a guideline to help you roughly estimate the bandwidth requirements form your device.
  2. Audio streaming also takes bandwidth around 32kbps. Some xDSL/Cable modem upload speeds could not even reach up to 128 kbps. Thus, you may not be able to receive good quality video while also streaming audio on a 128 kbps or lower connection. Even though the upload speed is more than 128kbps, for optimal video performance, disabling audio streaming will get better video performance.